1How do I get the data to you?
In any format thats easy for you, we can accommodate any file format that your system accommodates.
2What do you do when you find a bad number?
We notate it and send that data to you in any manner you desire, flat file, email or other formats.
3What data do I need to provide?
Name and Phone is all that is required but many clients also send an account number to aide in the transfer back.
4Will this require a big IT effort on my end?
NO we can usually get a client deployed in a few days.
5How do I get the call sent to me?
We can accommodate any way that works best for you, screen pop, whisper, caller ID or manual.
6Is it TCPA compliant?
YES 100% compliant with TCPA
7How do you get the consumer on the phone to hold for our agent?
We have a script that is highly effective and years of experience.
8What percentage of consumers complete the transfer?
We find that 94-96% of the consumers complete the transfer.
9How many calls will they make a day?
On average they will make 300-500 outbounds calls per agent daily.
10How many right party contacts will they get each day?
The same amount your staff would get. If the data is good the contacts will be high if the data is bad the contacts will be low.
11Where is the call center located?
We have multiple small call centers in the US and in Montego Bay Jamaica.
12Whose phone number will you call out on?
Yours. This will insure you get all the curiosity call backs.
13How much does it cost?
An average collection client with will pay between $12-15 dollars per hour per agent. A high volume agency may pay as little as $9 hourly.

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