The Best Tax Season Strategy Sold Here

Tax Season is Just 30 Days Away. Here Is The One Thing You Must Do To Maximize Your Tax Seasons Revenue.
December 26, 2016
Let’s rethink everything, what if labor was your cheapest cost?
April 17, 2017

The only way you are going to maximize your collections in the TAX SEASON is to increase the number of consumer contacts you make in the 6 weeks of tax season.

What would your revenue look like if you contacted 100% more consumers than last month would you have twice the revenue? Here is how you do that.

The answer is transfer agents that call your consumers and ask them to hold while they are transferred to you collection floor. This keeps your staff just talking to consumers and making deals not listening to the phone ring.

Here is a sample transfer call.

So now you want to know more about costs I imagine. First you can figure about 1 transfer agent to one collector for 3rd party work and 1 agent to 2 collectors for first party. The cost per agent will vary as the the number of agents goes up or down but they can be contracted for as little as $9.00 hourly, all in. That includes all the fees, including long distance.

I am a broker of agents both domestic and nearshore so call me to get your tax strategy set up before Feb 1.

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