Wanna reduce your labor costs? Yes X or No X

Let’s rethink everything, what if labor was your cheapest cost?
April 17, 2017
Happy Labor Day! Let’s Reduce Your LABOR Costs by 60%.
September 3, 2017

I bet your answer is YES! But how do you reduce the cost without losing the results your getting now? Thats the question that is more difficult to answer.

The US labor force has many issues that are driving many companies to other countries to reduce the cost of labor and to get a different culture of workers. Employers are looking for;

  • Staff at lower costs
  • Staff that are easily trainable
  • Staff that can adapt to different jobs
  • Staff that are glad to have a job not entitled
  • Staff with good skill sets
  • Staff that understands the companies mission and goals

Employees in the US with these traits are 1 in 14 so finding that 1 is very time consuming and costly as in the hiring process the ratios will set to be more like 5 to 14 but after the smoke clears in 6 months only 1 person remains. The others you hired were not what they seemed and did not meet company standards or they were just too hard to teach new tricks.

Well I recommend you try some staff in Jamaica. I have been helping US companies open their own office in Jamaica for the last couple of years and the results are great. I am not saying that there are not some challenges to doing business in Jamaica but I am saying the problems are much easier to fix and the costs are 1/4 of the costs in the US.

The good and bad of staff in Jamaica is as follows;

  • Staff are anxious to learn
  • Staff are glad to be employed
  • Staff want to advance
  • Staff have good basic skills
  • Staff have attendance issues
  • Staff try too hard at times

Since the cost is so low to set up and hire in Jamaica the few issues like attendance are easy to swallow as a business owner or operator.

It has been my experience if you come down to the island and look around you will quickly see the value and the skills possessed by the many call centre workers on the island.

To learn even more about the “The Anatomy Of A Jamaican Call Centre Worker” read this article. HERE


  • Call centres are the #2 business on the island
  • Xerox, Vistaprint, Sirius XM, Dish TV, AT&T, All the Airlines and many more are all in Jamaica.
  • High Schools teach courses geared to the call centre industry
  • There are approximately 150K call centre workers on the island of 3M people

Give me a call and lets discuss your call centre needs, Phillip W. Duff 305-853-8773.