Let’s rethink everything, what if labor was your cheapest cost?

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December 26, 2016
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August 11, 2017

Right now most of my consulting clients biggest expense and their biggest headache is staffing. What if your staff wanted to work and would work for 1/3 the costs? What if they were happy all day and thanked you for giving them a job? What if they ask to learn more and do more without first asking for more money? I can give that to you just read further.

The answer is labor in Jamaica! I have been helping the collection industry realize this dream for a year or so now. The staff in Montego Bay and Kingston are happy to get a job and they want to work unlike the US staff who feel entitled to a job. The employees in Jamaica are a different breed of staff than is not available anywhere in the USA. They are excellent workers and want to be taught. Their desire to work is strong, I know many Jamaicans who work 7 days a week.

So what are the hurdles to doing business in Jamaica? Nothing I have solved all the hurdles for you already. I want to be very clear on just how cost effective doing debt collection in Jamaica is.

$5 and  hour |  Everything but the staff included*

$5 hourly |  Staffing costs all in*
TOTAL = $10 hourly  | Includes all but the LLC 

$2000 | LLC one time cost

The seat rental includes: Chair, Desk, Computer, Hi speed redundant Internet, Office with break room, lockers and generator , Rent, Air conditioning, HR services, Training supervision, Hiring manager, Accounting services, Government assistance and Lighthouse Consulting resources. 

The staffing includes wages, taxes and bonuses. 

*This is based on a staff of 20

Ok now that I have your attention lets discuss just what I can bring to to the table. If your doing debt collection in the USA and using US staff the results you will get in Jamaica will be 90-125% of what your getting in the USA at 25% the costs.
I can provide a turn key operation for you for as cheap as $10 hourly and its yours! You own it! No other costs it includes all the needed items just add your technology in the cloud and accounts.

Phillip Duff

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