Are you ready for the tax season gold rush?

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December 2, 2016
Tax Season is Just 30 Days Away. Here Is The One Thing You Must Do To Maximize Your Tax Seasons Revenue.
December 26, 2016

The #1 show on Discovery channel “Gold Rush” is very similar to the Tax Season in the debt collection industry. There is a short time to get in and go through as much ground as possible to find the few flakes of gold per ton of ground. The miners who mine the most good ground will make the most money. Debt collectors work a short season to get through as many accounts as possible to find the payers and extract the gold.

In both businesses the trick to making the most money first lies in running the most dirt or working the most accounts. The drama then plays out on the show by showing the cost in men and equipment to get the gold and in debt collections with the drama of staff and overhead. Showing another consistent factor is the staffing drama.

So as we get ready for the staffing levels needed to work the most accounts for Tax season how do we avoid the drama, Ok just reduce it your right we can’t avoid it.

Transfer agents! Its like the big machines they use to mine now instead of a gold pan, the more dirt they can get into the machine the more gold they get in the clean out. You to can have a big machine of agents dialing your portfolio and transferring all the nuggets of gold to your well trained staff for extraction.