Is your 2017 budget forecasting big profits? Then reduce your staffing costs here.

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October 3, 2016
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November 21, 2016

As you try to figure out where to spend the money you expect to generate in 2017 maybe its time to consider how to reduce your current call center costs.

If you have staff that are making outbound calls to consumers then they are spending most of the time dialing, listening to ringing and leaving messages. Likely they are actually creating revenue 10-25% of the day. If your staff are in the USA you are paying them $12-15 hourly plus benefits and you have the cost or rent, electricity, taxes and attrition.

So lets solve this with transfer agents that get the consumer on the phone and transfer them to your highly skilled staff. Whether its debt collections, ACA enrollments, debt settlement clients or appointment reminders the use of transfer agents will reduce your staffing costs. And all the calls are made to be fully compliant with TCPA.

  • Domestic and near-shore labor
  • Every call recorded and accessible
  • Live quality assurance auditing
  • Fully compliant with TCPA
  • Cell phone identification and scrubs
  • 50% hourly costs savings

Here is how it works you send us a list of the consumers you want contacted and we dial the list till we get the Right party on the phone and we transfer that consumer to your office with the info on who is on the line. Then your normal staff can complete the call. This allows your staff to just spend time talking to consumers and creating revenue.

We have both domestic and near-shore callers that can help you get your 2017 profits in line. Also remember this is a great solution for times when your business is swollen with opportunity, like holidays or tax season. Its can be temporary staffing during that busy time.

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