Why isn’t my staff getting results?

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November 21, 2016
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December 2, 2016

Staffing has evolved each 10 years in my business life and the current US staff mentality is difficult at best. Millennials to baby boomers that all have a different idea about what work looks and feels like as well as what work really is. Baby boomers think work is labor and a paycheck and millennials think it means a Starbucks coffee, a computer and direct deposits.

So why isn’t your staff productive? Because they are tasks with to many tasks that do not drive revenue. So how do you reduce non revenue producing tasks your staff are doing? ANSWER: Outsource the simple tasks to reduce labor costs.

Transfer agents are the perfect example of this concept, whether its debt collections, dental appointments or Lab results those agents are spending most of the time dialing and listening to the phone ring. Transfer agents get the right party on the phone and transfer the call to the waiting agent. Since the transfer agents are paid 1/3 less than your staff, you are now producing 50% more revenue in the same day.

In addition the staff in nearshore call centers do not have the same mentality that US workers display, they are very appreciative for the job and want to work hard for you. Even though their wages are 1/3 of the US staff, their cost of living is much less and they are happy to have a job that in their world pays well.

So to get your staff to produce more set them up for success by using transfer agents.